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School Principal messages: Life is a learning process and our duty is to make students enjoy the process.


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Teacher handbook

DLH International School

 Teacher Hand Book 



Motto, Mission, Vision, Philosophy …………………………………………………….……….. 3

School-wide Academic, Social and Civic Learning Goals ……………………………………..... 4

Job outlook, teacher orientation, Teachers Attendance Policy ………………….……………….. 5

Teacher attendance Policy …………………………………..............……………………………. 6

Morning retardation, Teachers Excuses for absence ….………………………………………….. 7 

Dish party, Staff room, Morning line Policy, Student movements’ organization …………………8 

Student monitoring, lesson plan, homework policy ………………………………………………. 9 

Internet, Photocopying, Substitute sessions, quiz policy …………………………..………….… 11

Admission test policy ……………………………………………………………………………. 12

Exam policy, Quarter exam mark distribution ………………………………………….…….…. 13

SAT Trial Exam Policy, How to format exam papers …………………………………………… 14

Student absence policy, failure policy, report cards ………………………………………...…… 14

Grade Scoring Criteria, Grading Scale, classroom organization ………………………………… 15

Student behavior, Disciplinary action …………………………………………………….……… 16

Dress code , classroom policy ,consequences for breaking rules ……………………………..…. 18

Roles and responsibilities …………………………………………………………………...…… 19

Important Documents ……………………………………………………………………….…… 20

Guidance Counselor ………………………………… ………… …….………… ………….….. 22

PE department policy ………………………………… ………………..… …………….….. …. 25

Maintenance Policy …………………………………….….……………….……………. …….. 26

Floor monitoring policy …………………………………………….…..…….….…....….. ……. 27

School calendar ……………………………………….………………………….………….. …. 28

Projects’ plan ……………………………….….. ………………..…………………..….….. ….. 32

Adminstration Exam Policy …….. ………………………………..…………………..….….. … 33



Building Character …

 Our Principle Mission…and Lifelong Endeavour


The mission of DLH International School is to provide students with a quality Islamic education that allows for the academic, social, moral, physical, spiritual and intellectual growth and development of the child within a modern, scientific, academic program of studies which promotes creative talents and critical thinking skills.


Building Character is interdependent system...
Its axes... Advanced education...
                    upbringing sound...
                     Meaningful Sport …
Its Ingredients... Advanced Thought...
                                Tight Plan...
                                An integrated environment...
Its Elements... Teacher by example.....
                           Serious Management...
                            cooperative Parents...

 Our philosophy ... 

Human being...
     The best creation...
     Successor of God on the land...
     God honor him as his slavery... And asked him to carry the responsibility...
           The responsibility of building the universe...
            And the integrity of life...
                                                 So building the ideal character

Who deserved this honor...
 who is Capable of carrying this responsibility...
first steps for good…
In the procession of humanity...
  and the fate of the human being...

DLH School

School-wide Academic, Social and Civic Learning Goals and Indicators


To inspire students to preserve the core Islamic ethics and values in all matters of life by building the child’s character and solid Muslim identity

  • Faith-based character, values and morals
  • Understanding the teachings and the practices of Islam aligned with the Qur’an and the Sunnah
  • Good manners toward others
  • Displaying modesty in dress and behavior
  • Maintaining personal hygiene and healthy eating practices
  • Performing duties of prayer, fasting, pilgrimage and charity
  • Expressing a love of the Arabic language as their mother tongue


To provide quality education to all children in an active child centered learning environment

  • Developing good study habits
  • Use creative and critical thinking skills to solve problems
  • Have mastered basic grade level learning skills
  • Work independently toward achieving academic, career and life goals
  • Work successfully in teams to accomplish tasks
  • Participating in age appropriate sports activities
  • Seeing value in fine arts
  • Being able researchers
  • Being skilled in their use of technology
  • Being fluent in the English language
  • Clearly express written and oral ideas


To enable students to effectively communicate, interact and thrive in a global environment

  • Mastering communication skills
  • Develop the skills of active listeners
  • Being able to work in groups of diverse people
  • tolerating and showing respect for other people with different cultures and beliefs
  • Acquiring leadership skills
  • Being aware of their social responsibility to humanity and the environment.

 Job Outlook

 1. In general, staff members are expected to be professional educators with a focus on meeting student needs.  The following is a partial list of teacher expectations.

2.  Staff members are expected to abide by the job description assigned for each and every individual. All are expected to plan lessons using smart notebook program, prepare and deliver high quality education for young learners in a professional and timely manner, taking into account individual learning styles and providing an ethical environment conducing learning.

3.  Staff members are expected to encourage students to seek knowledge in a professional manner.

4. Individual initiative and independent decision making within the context of the school adopted policies and a professional standard is encouraged.

 Work Ethics

 Since the principle of loyalty may help increase trust between the parties, each employee is expected to observe the highest standards of honesty, loyalty and integrity in all his/her dealings

 • Refuse bribes, gifts, hospitality, benefits or offers of preferential treatment which may affect one’s ability to make independent judgment, and report any such approaches in writing to one’s superior,

• Avoid misrepresenting one’s position by being ambiguous or misleading

• Avoid the use of the Group’s resources or time for personal gain

• Any interest, shareholding or possible conflict of interest an employee has with any firm or organization, even by posting on social media, advertising or marketing for other organizations or private businesses.

 Teacher/Co-teacher Orientation

  • Teachers and co-teachers will be expected to pre-plan, model lessons and attend in-service trainings and workshops throughout the academic year.
  • Teachers and co-teachers will be expected to participate in the parent orientation week and / or open days during the new academic year
  • All teachers will review the faculty handbook with at least one member from the administration committee and sign a statement of understanding and agreement with the Principal of D LH.
  • The teacher should not commit to other jobs or professions (trips, activities, private tutoring, seminars, camps, or social groups) that contradict with the nature of his profession at the school, or if they affect his/her performance during the life of the contract.(2016)
  • All co-teachers will be assigned to a mentor teacher.
  • Teachers and co-teachers will also be subject to evaluation undertaken by the Principal and will be provided with constructive feedback.
  • The job description is considered criteria for evaluation. (2016)
  • Teachers have to revise the hand book with the headmaster/headmistress to understand every detail about school and then he/she has to sign the hand book agreement.

Teachers Attendance Policy for

Teacher Hours

  • School working days for each school year are shown in the official school calendar approved by the Board.
  • Teachers will be assigned (full- schedule).
  • The administration office may ask a teacher to come on Saturday, or at any time other than his/her working schedule, to attend workshops, parent meetings, trips, or Ministry Exams, however two days prior notice will be given.  If an employee does not attend on the assigned day, he/she will be considered absent without an excuse.
  • The administration may ask the teacher to monitor students in the morning or afternoon, once per week.

 All employees must arrive on school premises as follows:

  1. All teachers ,co-teachers are to attend from 7:30 till 3:00
  2. Teachers , co- teachers 's dismissal during quarter exams at 2:30.
  3. Administration attendance 7:15 till 3:30
  4. Administration and supervisors dismissal during quarter exams at 3:00.
  5. Secretary, data entry  and monitoring attendance from 7:00 till  4:00
  6. School accountant, student affairs dismissal attendance from 7:15 till  3:30
  7. Nannies attendance from 7:00 till 4:00
  8. Employees are to carry out their assigned duties, follow job description as well as adhering to punctuality

and attendance.

  1. Full attendance for the main teacher, supervisors, and administrators (including assistant –counselor).
  2. In case of missing the school bus, the teacher has to follow the dismissal time assigned by his contract.

Register:                                                         

  1. All employees are required to sign with time in a register located at the reception desk.  No person should sign for another employee.
  2. If an employee does not sign in or out; half a day will be deducted.  If an employee does not sign for a particular day the whole day will be deducted.
  3. If an employee signed in another time than what has been noticed the whole day will be deducted and should receive a school warning.
  4. Signature should be with accurate time of arrival and dismissal.

Unauthorized leave and Consequent Deductions:

  1. Excused Hours:  employees must report with a signed document to the Administrative Director when they wish to leave, the permissions are for two hours.  Teachers are not to leave until they absolutely are sure they are not needed by the Academic Director or Headmaster/Headmistress.
  2. Only headmasters and Principal are to give excuses.
  3. If an employee left school without written permission he will be considered absent that day.
  4. 5 Excuses for leaving early per academic year maximum 1 excuse per month. This will be considered half day deduction.
  5. More than that a full day absence will be considered.
  6. Teachers who are absent must make it up for the students another time determined by the administrator; otherwise he will be exposed to an official warning.
  7. No excuses for absence after official holidays or between two holidays, otherwise he will be considered absent without excuse. 
  8. No excuses for absence during school events; e.g.  meetings, trips, camps, wide shows, rehearsals, Science Fair, school Bazaar, sport days, Fun days ……....etc. (2014) The headmaster responsibility is to inform the whole staff  two day at least before the meeting or the event. (2016)
  9. Teachers who are working with two different departments (e.g. elementary and middle school, or boys and girls departments) should take permission from both headmasters /mistress. (2016)
  10. No excuses for absence during main exams, oral and practical exams.(2014)
  11. In case of urgent absence, the teacher should inform the administration, otherwise he will receive additional penalty for not informing.(2014)

     Announcement Policy: (2016)

    1-School event announcement should be previous to the event by at least one week and should be approved from principal before the date of distribution by at least 2 days e.g. trips, camps, exams, shows, holidays, parties, any failure to comply will lead to administrative penalty.

    2-Announcements should include: date, place, administration, time , and instructions.

     Morning retardation:

    1. In case that the teacher is late 4 times from within 15 minutes in one month it will be considered 1 day absence.
    2. In case that the teacher is late for the first session it will be considered 1 day absent If it is a working session
    3. In case that the teacher does not have a session and come during the first session it is considered a half day absent after 15 minutes.
    4. Supervision in the morning starts 7:00 – 7:45.
    5. The teacher must be in session at 7:45, if she/he is late 4 times equals 1 day absent.
    6. The teacher may not leave the classroom alone for any reason. On two counts the third count will be considered a broken rule.
    7. No cell phones used inside classroom, during meetings, workshops or school sessions. Phones may only be used in the teacher room only.
    8. This time is AMANA and should be used to the fullest extent for the school.
    9. All teachers must attend prayer and remain with students until the end of prayer.
    10. Teachers should write in the channel book. Channel books are used as means of communication between parents and teacher, for homework, class work and behavior. The teacher should write in the channel book for each session and will be signed by administration.
    11. Teachers should tell students which books to take home.
    12. Teachers should attend these events and no excuses during the following:
    • Meetings for P.T.A. after school per quarter.
    • Workshops on Saturdays 2 times per quarter.
    • School wide show and all other school events
    • School Trips and campus

     Teachers Excuses for absence

    1. Two Excuses for being absent each equals 1 day deducted for maximum of 5 days per academic year
    2. More than 2 days of excuses for absence in one month each absent day will be equal 2 days deducted
    3. Without excuse or more than 2 excuses, if a teacher does not have an acceptable excuse by Headmistress or Headmaster, 1 day absence will equal 2 days deducted.
    4. No teacher can be absent for more than 2 days a month.
    5. Each teacher has five excused days paid for the academic year. These days cannot be used with any other excuses. You can only use a day per month unless any  of first degree relationship has passed . It will be three paid days in case he/she did not finish the five paid days. 

More details whose attendance from 7:30 till 3:00

  1. The teacher who is late four times in one month between (7:35- 7:45) considered one day absent.
  2. The teacher who is late between (7:50 – 8:00) will be deducted quarter 1/4 of the day from the salary.
  3. The teacher who is late between (8:05 – 8:15) will be deducted half 1/2 of the day from the salary.
  4. The teacher who is late after 8:15 will be deducted one day from the salary.
  5. The first class teacher who is late after 7:45 will be deducted one day from the salary.
  6. Notice that deduction will be according to the actual working hours.
  7. Same policy is applied for afternoon dismissal. After school sessions for employees whose leaving is after 3:00
  8. Same policy is applied on all attendance categories according to their attendance time.
  9. Teachers must take permission for being absent from the supervisor  and the headmistress before 7.30 to arrange substitution.

 Extra-Curricular Activities and Supervision:

  • Employees are to spend extra time preparing for all school activities.
  • Teachers should co-operate in the workplace to make and design charts, flash-cards and any other visual aids required.

Dish Party Activities:

1-The room teacher is the one who is responsible to arrange dish party with his/her class.

2-Students are to celebrate with their room teacher only.

3-Dishparties can be done once per quarter for each class, and the quality control should be informed

with the date of the party.

4- Unhealthy food is not allowed during the dish party.

 Staff room Policy:

1.      Appropriate food for general appearance of the School (Koshary,Flafel , Eggplant )

2.      Not allowed to sleep in staff rooms.

3.      Not allowed to speak and laugh loudly.

4.      Staff rooms are for School work only and are not available for personal use. 

5.      Mess not acceptable, put rubbish in garbage basket.

6.      Students are not allowed to enter staff room.

7.      Respect others’ properties.

8.      Internet is used only in the school purpose.

9.      Female teachers keep her Hijabs on her head inside staff room.

 Morning line Policy:

1-Each teacher should be in front of his class.

2-No meetings during line time:

   Teachers should be monitoring lines not discussing personal affairs or even working issues.

3-Teachers should share in morning exercises and Azkar.

4-Students bags should be beside the line.

5-First session teachers should attend the line.

6- The headmistress, the assistant , and the PE teacher should attend the morning line at 7:20.

Student movements’ organization (lines & breaks

1-First session teacher is responsible for lines up.

2-Last session teacher is responsible for lines down.

3-Before break session teacher is responsible for lines down.

4-After break session teacher is responsible for lines up.

5- End of day line reflects how departments are well organized and under control.

6- Each trainer is responsible for his students and exercises should start by 7:30

7-Morning lines Azkar should start by 7:20 done by Islamic studies and Arabic departments according to distributed by Masters ( other teachers should share in morning Azkar)

8- All students must remain in the classroom with the teacher of the last session from (organizing school bags, classrooms etc…)


Students monitoring

1-       All teachers will be asked to monitor students during morning line, break time and dismissal, according to their schedules:

  • Morning monitoring starts at 7:15 – 7:45
  • Break monitoring (45 minutes, according to each department tables)
  • Dismissal monitoring starts at 2:20 – 3:30

.  Curriculum and Instruction

Lesson Plans       

DLH school maintains curriculum objectives in all areas.   Each instructor has flexibility in meeting these objectives (outcomes). 

  1. Instructional activities should be planned a week in advance with clear outcomes focused on the school objectives.
  2. Lesson plans need to be available as a personal guide and for substitute teachers should the need arise.
  3. Teachers are to prepare daily lesson plans on a weekly basis.
  4. Lesson formats should be reflective of student learning styles and needs.
  5. Relevance and purpose of each lesson should be clear to both teacher and students.  It is recommended that the objectives be listed as questions.  Materials, methodology and format should support desired outcomes and motivate students to learn.
  6. Changes made to the weekly/daily lesson plans must be stated.
  7. Supervisors should have an updated file containing all the lesson plans for all his classes.
  8. Lesson plan will be checked by supervisors and quality control member once per quarter at least.

DLH Homework policy

Homework provides additional learning experiences for students. These experiences can have positive effects on achievement and character development and can serve as a vital link between the school and family.

Homework should focus on:

  • Practice of skills introduced in class
  • Pre-reading of new material to be introduced in class
  • Integration of skills that are applied to a single project.


Homework should have different purposes at different grades:


            Benefit from being read to and having involvement with skills which expand their horizons but do not

             involve independent study.

Elementary (grades 1-5) school students should be given homework to:

  • Develop good study habits .
  • Communicate that learning takes place at home as well as at school .
  • Provide time to practice and extend learning, especially through independent and oral reading .

Middle and high school students should be given homework to:

  • Improve achievement .
  • Extend the time available for both practice and investigative learning .
  • Help more mature students take charge of their own learning opportunities.

Research Findings

            Based on an analysis of research studies, there is uniform agreement among researchers that:

            It is more positive for learning to distribute material across several smaller assignments than to concentrate on larger units of material over a short time.

            Homework assignments for students with identified learning disabilities should be short and focused on reinforcement of skills and class lessons.

            Monitoring of assignments for students is necessary for all and critical for those with identified learning disabilities and/or an English language deficiency.

            Individualization of basic homework assignments for those without an approved modified program has proven not to result in substantial benefits which justify the amount of additional teacher time required.

            Homework should involve parents' encouragement, oversight, and monitoring of study management by their student. Homework assignments should keep required parental involvement in the academic content to a minimum.

  • Homework should be evaluated and corrected by teacher soon after completion.
  • Homework should include date and red pen corrections. 

Roles and Responsibilities  :

Headmasters  are responsible to:

¬  Communicate the homework policy

¬  Monitor the homework policy

¬  Coordinate implementation as needed

Teachers are responsible to:

¬  Clearly indicate to students how the assignment is related to the topic under study.

¬  Indicate the purpose of the assignment.

¬  Define how the assignment might be best carried out.

¬  Stipulate what the student needs to do to demonstrate successful completion of the assignment; this       involves communicating carefully at the beginning of the assignment the criteria which clarify the             teacher's expectations.

¬  Evaluate and give prompt feedback.


¬  Should rarely be asked by the teacher to play a formal teaching role in homework

¬  Should be asked to create a home environment that facilitates student self-study

¬  With the primary grade children, may have direct involvement in listening, memorizing, etc.

¬  Should be monitoring completion of homework for students in Grades 1-8


When teachers and parents work together to implement these recommendations, homework can be useful and generally free from a high level of frustration. These parameters can and should receive broad support from both parents and teachers. DLH  teachers should make whatever adjustments are necessary to live within these general parameters and parents should support these efforts to make homework beneficial

Home Work Consequences

¬  1st The parents will be informed by the daily report and the parents have to sign it.

¬  2nd The school will inform the parents by the school phone.

¬  3rdIf he doesn’t do his homework he will be deprived of the break time and he will do his homework or he will stay for the end of the day and the subject teacher will stay with him in the room till he finish.

¬  4th After 3 times of not being doing the homework, the parents will come to meet the administration.

DLH Internet Policy

As the school is seeking to raise the efficiency of the educational process, the school has provide internet for the use of education, therefor, please follow these items:

1-      Do not connect to the internet if you don’t need it.

2-      Internet is used only in the school purpose.

3-      Internet is not allowed to be used in personal purposes.

4-      Do not tamper with the access points.

DLH photocopying Policy (2014)

1-      Each teacher has to print his/her papers by himself/herself.

2-      If teachers need to photocopy papers from books or colored papers, they have to get permission.

3-      If the supervisor  need to photocopy exams, he/she should hand it to photocopy department one week before exam time.

4-      If the supervisor need to photocopy revision sheet, he/she should hand it to photocopy department one week before revision time.

5-      If teachers need to photocopy more than 50 papers, they should hand it to photocopy department two days before they need it.

6-      If teachers need to photocopy less than 50 papers, they should hand it to photocopy department one day  before they need it.

7-      If teachers need printing, they should wait to receive printed papers and then to record it.

8-      It is not allowed for anyone to photocopy hand written papers, or papers without school logo.

9-      Be sure that the school laptop that is beside the copying machine is for printing, not for editing.

10-  Each teacher has to review his/her papers before receiving it from the photocopying department.

11-  Administrative papers are to be handed to department supervisor only.

12-  The photocopying department will receive papers from teachers or secretary, not from nannies.

13-  In case of lateness from the department, there will be penalty and official letter.

DLH Substituting Sessions Policy :

1-Teachers are asked to take substitute sessions as long as the sessions number have not reached 6 sessions per day.

2-The average number for a teacher is 24 sessions per week and 5 substitute sessions.

3-Substitute session is to be distributed for class teachers.

4- In case that class teachers are busy with other session, it should be distributed for subject department;

    e.g. if a Science teacher is absent, he can  be replaced with another teacher from the Science department.

     5- Distribution of substitution classes will be delivered in accordance with the headmasters and assistants.

     6- Substitute teachers are not allowed to give students free time outside or inside class during the session, the

          teacher should give students new lessons ,revision , help them writing their homework, or give them  some activities related to the subject.

 7-In case of any excuse, please refer to the school principal.

 DLH quiz policy 

Importance of weekly quizzes

1-      Trains students for self-assessment periodically

2-      Students not to be shocked by the quarterly exam

3-      Shows teachers where are the strengths of his class and where are the weaknesses

4-      Gives parents guidance for his son/daughter’s level

5-      Works as Periodically revision for the material.

DLH school policy for quiz marks

1-      covers 10 points from students’ grade scoring

2-      Quizzes per term shouldn’t be less than four quizzes and not more than 6

3-      Each quiz should not take more than 20min from the class session

4-      Quiz should cover only the last lessons after the previous quizzes

5-      It should include diff. kinds of questions as training for student for the quarter exam

6-      Parents should be informed by his son/daughter’s marks and this should be signed

7-      Keep your quizzes in a file to be revised before the quarterly exam

8-      School has arranged weekly time table for quizzes so that students shouldn’t have more than 2 quizzes every day.

School day


















Control system for exams:

1- Exams are very important. to evaluate the school& teacher works not the student &home work.

2- Exams are the supervisors responsibility.

Admission test policy

Dear respected teachers

Admission tests for all grades under your supervision should be according to the school requirements and policies.

  • “should evaluate student’s skills and his ability to cope with DLH programs and not to test him in our subjects’ information
  • Evaluate his Language skills in critical reading, understanding articles with suitable vocabulary even if he can’t get the exact meaning of the vocabulary and getting the main idea .
  • His personal skills and mental skills and his ability to do effort in studying
  • His ability to learn the subject even if didn’t take it before(memorizing Qur’an)
  • The exam shouldn’t exceed 20 min in each subject
  • You should write a detailed report after the exam explaining student’s skills and his deficiency
  • You should write your comment about his appearance, behavior, pronunciation.
  • Your report should be a formal letter with specific items according to what is required ,attached with student’s exam paper corrected.
  • Note that the test results should not be announced to either students or guardians as there are other administrative considerations to accept the student.
  • We are honest with the parents and with ourselves in giving our advice according to his level.

Exam Policy

¬ Supervisors are in charge of distributing and receiving test papers.

¬ Supervisors only can give students extra time during test.

¬ If teacher needs to change test system he has to ask the supervisor permission.

¬ Student speaks during test, the chief board or the supervisor has the right to put red mark sign on his answer paper.

¬ If the student speaks repeatedly, his test paper has to be taken out.

¬ If the teacher in charge of watching students during test has no ability to control over the class, has to be changed and to receive a warning letter.

¬ Answer papers should be passed from the teachers in duty and it is the headmaster’s responsibility to pass it to the supervisors after removing students name with a signing paper.

¬ The answer papers have to pass from supervisor to the chief board after the end of the test.

¬ Supervisors are responsible of contribute answer papers to the teachers to be corrected.

¬ Circulating answer papers outside computer lab or management rooms is not allowed.

¬ Teachers should not announce the test results to students before the parent meeting.

According to the school policy for written quarter exam

¬  Average score should not be less than 45.

¬  In case of lower score, supervisor should contact with school principal before finishing the grade scoring sheet, and should write a detailed report about the reasons for the low score ; is it  from materials, teacher, or the exam.

Quarter Exam Mark distribution (Important):

  • Each exam must contain at least 6 questions (can be more than 6 questions) .Each question mustn’t exceeds 10 marks from the exam
  • Each question consists minimum of 5 sub questions (can be more than five).Each sub question mustn’t exceeds 2 points(marks)
  • Not more than one formal question
  • Other questions must be informal, e.g. mind mapping, graphs, MCQ, connect, true or false, diagrams, maps.
  • For Arabic and English exams there should be writing essay, critical reading passage in the exam.
  • For Qur’an exams it measures from 60 to 80 % perfection till grade7 , 70 till 90%perfection till grade9

And includes oral exams for Q2 and Q4, perfection in reading for high school exams.

  • Science exams include practical exams for Q2 & Q4
  • Supervisor is responsible to put system for teachers to revise exam papers after correction.
  • Final scores will be according to the overall average calculations in each subject. 

 SAT Trial Exam Policy: (2016) 

The SAT trial exam will constitute 10 marks from the quarter exam of English and Math.

SAT trial Schedule for the academic year 2019-2020:





















How to format exam papers:

1-      Header with: School name, name of department, academic year, and grade level. 

2-      Footer with page number. 

3-      The cover page should include table of mark distribution for each question, subject, quarter, grade level, and the signature of teacher who corrected and who revised the paper. 

4-      Mark distribution inside the exam should be in details. 

5-      Don’t insert unclear pictures of diagram or mathematical graphs, pictures, maps, graphs should be clear. 

6-      Use appropriate font size. 

7-      No shading. 

Student Absence Policy during Tests 

• The student who is absent from one exam or more and did not justify his absence by providing the school with a report from a specialized doctor, or acceptable documents ,will receive zero in the exam . 

In case the parent gives the school acceptable excuse, the student can complete the missing test at a time determined by the school administration. 

School Failure Policy 

¬  If the student fails (got below 50%) in the written exam one or two subjects, they will be allowed to repeat during summer, for the first time. 

¬  If the student fails the repeated exam, they will then repeat the academic year or to be expelled from the school. 

¬  If the student fails more than two subjects, they will not be allowed to repeat and they will be expelled from the school or they will repeat the academic year, for the first time.  

¬  If the student fails more than one year, they will be expelled from the school. 

Reports distribution 

Reports bare distributed four times a year, please check Dates in the calendar. Grades in the report are based on: 

I. Quarter exam 60%                                              2. Completion of homework 5% 

3. Weekly quizzes 10%                                           4. Behavior 5% 

5. Projects 10%                                                     6. Attendance   5% 

7. Oral 5%     

Grade Scoring Criteria:

1. Criteria for the marks of BEHAVIOR :                                            ( 5 marks )

  • 2 marks for the respective behavior towards teacher.
  • 2 marks  for the respective behavior towards other students.
  • 1 mark for the arrangement of his copy books , text book, work book and other tools.

2.  Criteria for the marks of PROJECTS:                                            ( 10 marks )

  • 3 marks for doing the project.
  • 7  marks for the presentation skills.

3.  Criteria for the marks of HOME WORK:                                      ( 5 marks )

  • 2 marks for doing H.W.
  • 2 marks for the full correct answers, 1 mark if most or some answers are correct, and no marks for the full wrong answers.
  • 1 mark if he shows a careful way in doing H.W.

4.  Criteria for the marks of ATTENDANCE:                         ( 5 marks )

  • 2 marks for the presence and absence in school.
  • ( ¼  mark for each session in the quarter )
  • 3 marks for : coming late to the classroom, reasonable and unreasonable outgoing from classroom .

5.  Criteria for the marks of ORAL:                                                      ( 5 marks )

  • 3 marks for the interaction with teacher in warming up and the oral assessment.
  • 2 marks for correct answers, understanding and the  careful way in interaction with the teacher.

Elementary & Middle School Grading Scale

The following is an explanation of the scale that will be used on the report cards:

One credit hour is earned for every 120 instructional hours. Student must pass each subject with D- or better

Grading        Scale

100- 97            A+                                                                 79- 77              C+

96- 93              A                                                                   76- 73              C

92- 90              A-                                                                 72- 70              C-

89- 87              B+                                                                 69- 67             D+

86- 83              B                                                                  66- 63              D 

82- 80              B-                                                                  62- 60              D-

Below 59          F

Classroom Organization

Well-Ordered Environment + Positive Academic Expectations = Effective Classroom

Here a few tips to guide you to an effective classroom!

Classroom Organization

A. Visually Appealing

When welcoming students into your classroom set the tone to the environment to let them know they are in the right place.

1. Place names on the door using shapes or theme related cut outs.                                  

2. Have the child's name placed on his/her desk.

3. Name tags.

4. Use appropriate colors to decorate your classroom.

5. Commercial displays are acceptable, but the creativity that comes from you is special!

6. Have your classroom child-oriented-age-appropriate.

7. As an Islamic school please post material with Islamic content.

B.     Furniture & Seating Arrangement

How you choose the arrangement of furniture depends on how you choose to teach. The tasks you want to accomplish should determine the seating arrangement you will choose.

1. U- Shape- this set up of desks allows students to have you in full view for discussions or demonstrations.

2. Cluster grouping-this arrangement is ideal for group activities.

3. Rows- single file seating is preferable for tests, movies or lectures.

4. Children seated in a quiet area on the floor- when story time is present, it is preferable to have the students sitting on the floor in a quiet area. The atmosphere should be quiet and cozy. If possible, an area rug or mat should exist. For younger student adding puppets or stuffed animals enhances the environment.

  • Where a teacher places his or her desk also plays an important role. Some teachers prefer the desk in the front of the room, others in the back. Still others prefer the desk to the side. Where ever you decide to place your desk remember it is basically there for your lesson plan to rest upon and perhaps for slight storage. Your desk is not a place for you to remain seated during the school year!
  • Please take into consideration that as an Islamic school our genders need to be separated to the best of our ability.

Utilizing Space

No matter what the size of your classroom, you need to utilize your space as effectively as possible. Below are a few suggestions to help get you started!

  • Use zip- lock bags of all different sizes to store manipulative.
  • String a clothesline from one end of the room to the other.
  • Be colorful! Use plastic clothes pins to hang and display students' work.

Student Behavior

Disciplinary Actions for Students:

a)   Before giving a reward or consequence:

  1. Spreading out the family spirit inside and outside the classroom and bonding the relationship between teacher and student.
  2. Following the advanced and novel methods of teaching in all subject areas for attracting the student’s attention and making use of all intelligences during any given session.
  3. Establishing the rule of reward and consequence.

b)  Rewards:

  1. Verbal praise during school.
  2. Granting gifts.
  3. Granting ribbons or tokens of positive praise.


  • ·It is expected that teachers will exhibit effective classroom management skills. Disciplinary actions, therefore, will normally be administered at the classroom level. Where there is a serious occurrence or continued student misbehavior negatively affecting the learning of others, the teacher may consult with the counselor for advice or he/she may request the Principal to intervene and/or send him/her to the Principal.
  • Staff shall be responsible for encouraging and teaching students to be responsible for their own behavior. They shall clearly communicate in a timely manner with parents and Principal pertinent information and appropriate documentation and evidence regarding students' behavior.
  • Teachers should manage student behavior in the classroom and administer discipline according to board policies, administrative regulations. It is not permissible to raise or shout your voice at students, but use more civilized ways when you discipline or direct a student.(2014)

 Instructional staff is responsible for consistently applying the following guidelines in administering consequences of positive and negative behavior:

  1. Consequences and teacher behavior should be administered in, and tempered by love
  2. Consequences and teacher behavior should maintain the dignity of the student
  3. Consequences and teacher behavior should be logical and appropriate
  4. Consequences and teacher behavior should be fair, equitable and consistent 


Irresponsible behavior infringes on the rights of others, and disregards clearly established school rules. When students demonstrate irresponsible behavior, disciplinary consequences follow. The consequences for being irresponsible at DLH are:

  • A reminder of what is expected (first consequence)
  • Verbal warning.
  • A student may sign a Behavior Contract.
  •  A student may be removed from the classroom if he or she continues to be disruptive to instruction, or affecting others.
  • A student may be removed from the break time.
  • If he or she continues to be disruptive to instruction the student will be sent to the class teacher then to administration office or Principal.
  • A letter or call to the student's parent to arrange a meeting for discussion.
  • A final warning.
  • Two days suspension.
  • One week suspension.
  • In-School suspension.
  • Home suspension.
  • Expulsion from the School

 Important Notice:

  • The Homeroom teacher should keep a file for students' behavior, where she is informed with an action taken against the student.
  • Any written warning shall be signed by the administration, the student counselor and the Homeroom teacher and the subject teacher concerned with the complaint.

          Prohibited (tutoring, smoke, cell phone, eating, drinking in classroom)

  • Smoking is prohibited in or out School premises.
  • Teachers are not allowed to conduct any private tutoring sessions to students unless it is arranged by school administration.
  • Violence against students in any form (verbal, physical, or psychological) should not be used and is not justified. Any of the for mentioned violence will result of termination of the contract.
  • Eating and drinking outside the staff room is prohibited.
  • Teachers are not allowed to use the cell phone during the session.
  • Teachers are not allowed to wear tight, short clothes or bright colors.

Teacher Dress Code:

Male teachers should follow the dress code as follows:

1- Wear loose long pants
2 – Never to wear slippers
3 – Teacher dress should be clean, formal if possible , respectful and acceptable.

Female teachers should follow the dress code as follows:

1 - Wear loose and long dress.
2 –Trousers are not allowed for women at school.
3 - Never remove the cover of hair.
4 – Makeup, nail polish and perfume are not allowed.
5 - Never wear high-heeled shoes.

6- Any violation of dress code will be liable for investigation of the school administration and deprived of some his/her privileges if this happened again.

 Online classroom Policy

  • Teachers will be allowed to give online sessions from home,
    • School will be opened during the whole week as well for any woman  teacher needs to come or give session from school
    • If you will be working at home you will be responsible for your internet connections and internet costs otherwise school is opened with a full internet capacity to work through
    • For attending Sessions , any delay for more than 5 minutes for any session will be considered half day absence.
    • Attendance and absence policy will be according to the same school policy mentioned in page 7,8 even if the attendance time has been changed.
    • If this happened for 2 sessions per day it will be considered one day absence.
    • You need to send  on parents group notice when the session starts announcing subject and class name ,this for every session.
    • Make sure that your camera is open so that all students can see you . Any closure of the camera during zoom sessions will be considerd as absence from the session .
    • When you leave the session please make "end meeting" not "leave the meeting ".
    • Any teacher needs technical support should come to school as we can't provide technical supports at home ,no excuses for that .
    • Daily uploading recorded sessions ,sheets and any required documents on Google drive will be teacher's responsibility and considered a penalty if missed
    • You should be formal during online session , separate room, suitable dress, no eating or drinking during sessions, teacher's children shouldn't be online with her during the session please
    • Teacher who will not be able to make the session should inform us one day before so we can be able substitute her. 

  • Bus Policy:

     Teachers are expected to be at their assigned stops five minutes before the bus is due. The bus cannot be expected to wait for late arrivals, or return back to catch them.

    • Buses will arrive and depart from pick-up/drop-off points at the scheduled times and cannot wait for late teachers.
    • The teacher will be asked to come to the nearest point in the main road, in case of non-paved or narrow roads.
    • Teachers are expected to ride only their regularly scheduled route and shall get on and off only at their regular bus stops. Any exception to this procedure must be approved, in advance, by the school administration.
    • School administration is responsible to arrange all bus routes , taking into consideration the benefits and the safety of  students and teachers. 
    • Classroom Policy

      1. A session in progress will not be interrupted by any staff member under any circumstance.
      2. Physical or verbal abuse towards students will not be tolerated.
      3. Each teacher should forecast a weekly check of supplies for the following week that will be needed.
      4. Teachers are responsible for keeping the Channel Book actively daily.
      5. Teacher conducting a session should not leave his/her classroom for any period of time.
      6. Teachers and co-teachers for all stage groups should discourage and not permit any food that has preservation or coloring.  Encourage students to consume healthy foods; such as: fresh vegetables, fruits, etc.

      Consequences on breaking school rules for teachers and employees

      We DLH administration are expecting perfect Islamic ethics attitude, honesty in work and with stuff and students from all our employees and teachers

      Breaking school rules or not doing required duties will cause the following consequences

      The employee will receive a notice verbal then written for first unintentionally mistakes

      If the same problem occurred the employee will receive a first then final warning with 1 day salary deduction


      A handed Notice or warning letter is valid even if the employee refuses to sign. (2016)

      Upon receiving any official paper or memo, all employees are responsible for fulfilling all necessary tasks;

       any failure to comply will lead to administrative penalty.(2016)

      If the same mistakes still taking place the employee will have an official meeting which may result in ending his contract with the school

      Phone Calls:

      The School phone will not be used for personal use.  If there is an emergency, contact the Administration and a phone will be made available.

      Administrative Information

      Each faculty member, upon commencing employment with the school, shall provide the school with the necessary educational degree and fill a complete employment packet accurately. This information shall be updated at the beginning of each school year. If any pertinent information changes occur during the course of the school year, it is the faculty member's responsibility to assure that such changes are made on both forms. Pertinent information includes, but is not limited to: address, phone number, marital status, etc.



      • Establishes and maintain open lines of communication with students and their parents.(Daily reports should be written in channel books)
      • Prepares lesson plan that reflects accommodation for individual student differences, lesson plan should be available with teacher in every session.
      • A lesson plan should include instructional strategies, activities, materials, homework, assessment that reflects accommodation for the needs of students.
      • Uses technologies ( smart boards) in the teaching/learning process. Every lesson must be explained with smart board.
      • Each teacher should prepare extra sheets, booklets and revision sheets before exams.
      • Consistently assesses student achievement through formal and informal tests and quizzes . Each teacher should prepare from 4-6 quizzes per quarter.
      • Take all necessary and reasonable precautions to protect students from any harm, especially in physical education and lab sessions.
      • Compiles, maintains, and file all reports, records and other documents required , taking into consideration correcting home works, sheets and booklets.
      • Attends and participates in faculty meetings,  parents meetings , workshops and serve on staff committees as required.


      Teachers’ duties regarding education:

      1-Class work sheets

      2-Students books and copybooks

      3- Using smart board

      4-Quizzes 4-6 times /quarter

      5- Lesson plan

      6-School events and activities

      7-Covering materials and syllabus given by supervisor.


      Specific Description

      1. Establish strong communication links with parents to become an effective first point of contact for them.

      2. Get to know each student in the Homeroom well.

      3. Be a welcoming presence around the Homeroom and Middle School areas.

      4. Attend meetings of Homeroom Teachers and other subject based meetings.

      5. Communicate with other Homeroom Teachers and specialist teachers

      6. Manage the Homeroom and surrounding area.

      7. Provide visually attractive learning conditions

      10. Report maintenance requirements promptly

      11. Ensure that a process of securing the room at the end of the day is in operation.

      12. Clean up and tidy classroom and surrounding area.

      13. Ensure technical equipment is well cared for.

      14. Follow up complaints about student behavior and work with the Year Co-ordinator and other Homeroom Teachers where other students are also involved.

      15. Attend the School meetings; – both staff and students

      Monitor each student’s academic progress, especially those under promotions process.

      17. Report to parents on each student’s academic, physical, spiritual, social and emotional development. This will occur in informal communications and in parent teacher interviews and with the major written pastoral reports.

      18.attend with his class all school event and monitor them during the event and arrange preparation for the event.

    • Important Documents


      • Book handover for external books.
      • Students' follow up files.
      • School Calendar/
      • action plan
      • Class Schedule / Teacher Schedule.
      • Student Absence Record.
      • Student Certificates.
      • Teachers' distribution over grades.
      • Students’ lists(including emails).
      • Cautions documents (working system).
      • Excel sheet for students' records.
      • School policies (attendance-absence-exams-classrooms-warning system for students and teachers-H.W. policies).
      • Job description.
      • Teachers absence record.
      • Meeting file(memos-agenda-minutes)


      • Job description.
      • School policies.
      • Syllabus (course description).
      • Program of study.
      • Lesson Plan.
      • School Calendar.
      • Class Schedule / Teacher Schedule.
      • Book Hand over Record (school booklets).
      • Grading Score.
      • Teacher Assessment.
      • Student Assessment.
      • Teacher handbook.
      • Student List.
      • Teachers' achievement reports(monthly).

      Teachers :

      • Teacher's Schedule
      • Teacher guide-school policies.
      • Syllabus in details
      • Daily Lesson Plan  including activities
      • School Calendar
      • Grading Score.
      • Laptops & flash memory.
      • Job description.
      • Student achievement report.

        Home room teachers

        • Students follow up.
        • Meeting agenda with students.

        School doctor

        • Medical form.
        • Medical files for students.
        • Follow up reports.

        School Matrons:

        • Student Absence Record.
        • Homework follow up.
        • Interruption Form.
        • Complain Form.
        • Busses list.
        • Schedules.
        • Data entry sessions sheet filled by teachers.

        school secretary:

        • Teachers' attendance.
        • Bus daily attendances   follow up.
        • Teachers' application form

        Accountant :

        • Student 's application form.
        • Medical form.
        •  Student's receipts.
        • E-learning application form.

        Bus Matrons:

        • Students’ list with students’ phones and dates and Follow up list for time arrival, departure.

        Sat Counselors:

        • Credit hours score
        • Grading scores for GPA
        • Aspiration papers
        • Requirements for Universities
        • Attendance
        • Program of study
        • School Agenda
        • Guidance Counselor

          Essential Functions:

          • Responsible for  school scheduling
          • Provides direct support service to individual students, small groups, and classrooms.
          • Completes assessments, referrals, and counseling with students and families.
          • Oversees implementation of  Schools program. Consults with other professional staff and outside agencies and other organizations.
          • Completes home visits and assessments.
          • Develops and maintains family outreach programs and community partnerships.
          • Serves as a member of the family support team and other school based teams.
          • Completes written reports as needed or as requested by Principal.
          • Other duties as assigned
          • Provide direct service to students in the classroom at least once per week.
          • Completes reports as required by Federal, State and local agencies.
          • Conduct professional development workshop on identifying at-risk students.
          • Interview students and families.
          • Make oral presentations of assessments, diagnostics, home visits, and observations.

          Minimum Qualifications:

          Education: Master’s degree (preferred) in field of social services, including certification in middle school counseling

          Experience: Experience providing the service required by this position.

          Distinguishing Features of Work: Provides support services to students, staff, and parents. Support services include referrals, counseling, assessment, diagnostics, and report writing. This work takes place at the school site, in other public buildings, and in private residences.
        • لائحة مواعيد و أعمال  قسم التربية  الرياضية بالمدرسة

          قسم التربية الرياضية من الأقسام التى تؤثر فى تقويم سلوكيات الطلاب و تكون لديهمإحساس بالانتماء للكيان المدرسى و هو قسم متمم لأعمال الأقسام الأخرى حيث المسؤول الأول عن تنفيذ النظام المدرسى و متابعة الطلاب خارج الفصول و بين الحصص و أوقات الحضور و الانصراف

          و هو فى مدرسة دار لقمان الحكيم أحد الأقسام التعليمية إذ يدخل فى مجموع الطالب احتساب درجات المادة

          نحن كإدارة المدرسة نعطى الدعم الكامل لجميع أفراد القسم حيث لا ينفك استكمال  بناء الطالب بدون وضع أسس قوية للتنشئة النفسية و البدنية

          لذلك فقد وضعنا هذه الوثيقة لتنظيم أعمال القسم و تحديد مسؤلياته خلال العام الدراسى 2012-2013و الله المستعان

          أولا حصص التربية الرياضية

                      حيث يتم تقسيم الطلاب الى فرق رياضية و على كل معلم تسجيل جميع أفراد الفريق و اللعبة التى هو مسؤولعنها

                      كتابة تقارير دورية بمستويات الطلاب و تقديمها لإدارة القسم لحين عرضها على الإدارة العامة

                      معلم الفريق مسؤول عن وضع وكتابة المنهج و الاختبارات و المسابقات الخاصة باللعبة

                      و عن الاختبارات و رصد درجات المادة

                      وضع خطة للنهوض باللعبة و الارتقاء بمستوى اللعبة على الصعيد العام و الفردى و تأهيل الطلاب للمشاركة فى المسابقات الخارجية

                      دخول منافسات خارجية على الأقل مرة فى السنة و عمل الترتيبات اللازمة لذلك

                      ملاعب المدرسة مخصصة فقط للألعاب الرياضية التالية : فروسية ، باركور، كرة طائرة ، قوس وسهم ، وغير مسموح بلعب كرة القدم اثناء الحصة المخصصة لهذه الألعاب.

                      على معلمى قسم التربية الرياضية تقديم الاوراق الآتية مع بداية كل عام دراسى :

          a.      أ-الخطة الرياضية  المفصلة الخاصة باليوم الرياضى السنوى

          b.      ب- خطة اشراف الراحة

          c.       ج- خطة الإشراف المسائى

                      سوف يتم تقييم أداء معلمى مادة التربية الرياضية آخر العام طبقا لتنفيذ والالتزام بلائحة المدرسة.

          النظام المدرسى العام

          القسم مسؤول عن تنظيم الطوابير الصباحية و اقامة الأنشطة اللازمة لذلك من الساعة 7:15 الى الساعة 7:45

          القسم مسؤول عن متابعة الطلاب فترات الراحة و عمل دورى جماعى او تدريب منظم جذاب  فى أثناء تلك الفترة

          متابعة خروج الطلاب فى الفترة المسائية و تنظيم حصص تدريبات الفرق الرياضية المختلفة من الساعة 2:20 حتى الساعة 3:30 يوميا مع وضع جدول لهذا النشاط

                    الأنشطة الرياضية

          اقامة رحلة او معسكر كل ربعمن السنة بترتيب جميع افرادالقسم

           و تنظيم العمل داخل هذه المعسكرات المدرسية من خلال فريق العمل داخل القسم

          مصاحبة الطلاب فى الأنشطة الخارجية للقسم و متابعة المسابقات  الخارجية و التدريب الخارجى


          حضور كافة اجتماعات المدرسة و أولياءالأمور

          و المناسبات المدرسية الأخرى مثل حفل نهاية العام و البازار و المعرض السنوى

           أفراد القسم مسؤلون بالدرجة الأولى عن النظام  أثناء هذه المناسبا


          يتم اجراءاختبارات القسم قبل بدء اختبارات الأقسام الأخرى

          تسليم النتائج الى رئيس القسم و اعتمادها مع رسم بيانى لتوضيح مستويات الطلاب

          تحديد المستويات المختلفة للعبة الواحدة و توزيع طلاب الفريق على المستويات المختلفة حسب نتائج الاختبارات العملية و النظرية

لائحة مواعيد و أعمال  قسم التربية  الرياضية بالمدرسة

         قسم التربية الرياضية من الأقسام التى تؤثر فى تقويم سلوكيات الطلاب و تكون لديهمإحساس بالانتماء للكيان المدرسى و هو قسم متمم لأعمال الأقسام الأخرى حيث المسؤول الأول عن تنفيذ النظام المدرسى و متابعة الطلاب خارج الفصول و بين الحصص و أوقات الحضور و الانصراف

         و هو فى مدرسة دار لقمان الحكيم أحد الأقسام التعليمية إذ يدخل فى مجموع الطالب احتساب درجات المادة

         نحن كإدارة المدرسة نعطى الدعم الكامل لجميع أفراد القسم حيث لا ينفك استكمال  بناء الطالب بدون وضع أسس قوية للتنشئة النفسية و البدنية

         لذلك فقد وضعنا هذه الوثيقة لتنظيم أعمال القسم و تحديد مسؤلياته خلال العام الدراسى 2012-2013و الله المستعان

أولا حصص التربية الرياضية

         حيث يتم تقسيم الطلاب الى فرق رياضية و على كل معلم تسجيل جميع أفراد الفريق و اللعبة التى هو مسؤولعنها

         كتابة تقارير دورية بمستويات الطلاب و تقديمها لإدارة القسم لحين عرضها على الإدارة العامة

         معلم الفريق مسؤول عن وضع وكتابة المنهج و الاختبارات و المسابقات الخاصة باللعبة

         و عن الاختبارات و رصد درجات المادة

         وضع خطة للنهوض باللعبة و الارتقاء بمستوى اللعبة على الصعيد العام و الفردى و تأهيل الطلاب للمشاركة فى المسابقات الخارجية

         دخول منافسات خارجية على الأقل مرة فى السنة و عمل الترتيبات اللازمة لذلك

         ملاعب المدرسة مخصصة فقط للألعاب الرياضية التالية : فروسية ، باركور، كرة طائرة ، قوس وسهم ، وغير مسموح بلعب كرة القدم اثناء الحصة المخصصة لهذه الألعاب.

         على معلمى قسم التربية الرياضية تقديم الاوراق الآتية مع بداية كل عام دراسى :

أ-الخطة الرياضية  المفصلة الخاصة باليوم الرياضى السنوى

ب- خطة اشراف الراحة

ج- خطة الإشراف المسائى

         سوف يتم تقييم أداء معلمى مادة التربية الرياضية آخر العام طبقا لتنفيذ والالتزام بلائحة المدرسة.

النظام المدرسى العام

         القسم مسؤول عن تنظيم الطوابير الصباحية و اقامة الأنشطة اللازمة لذلك من الساعة 7:15 الى الساعة 7:45

         القسم مسؤول عن متابعة الطلاب فترات الراحة و عمل دورى جماعى او تدريب منظم جذاب  فى أثناء تلك الفترة

         متابعة خروج الطلاب فى الفترة المسائية و تنظيم حصص تدريبات الفرق الرياضية المختلفة من الساعة 2:20 حتى الساعة 3:30 يوميا مع وضع جدول لهذا النشاط

          الأنشطة الرياضية

         اقامة رحلة او معسكر كل ربعمن السنة بترتيب جميع افرادالقسم

          و تنظيم العمل داخل هذه المعسكرات المدرسية من خلال فريق العمل داخل القسم

         مصاحبة الطلاب فى الأنشطة الخارجية للقسم و متابعة المسابقات  الخارجية و التدريب الخارجى


         حضور كافة اجتماعات المدرسة و أولياءالأمور

         و المناسبات المدرسية الأخرى مثل حفل نهاية العام و البازار و المعرض السنوى

          أفراد القسم مسؤلون بالدرجة الأولى عن النظام  أثناء هذه المناسبا


         يتم اجراءاختبارات القسم قبل بدء اختبارات الأقسام الأخرى

         تسليم النتائج الى رئيس القسم و اعتمادها مع رسم بيانى لتوضيح مستويات الطلاب

         تحديد المستويات المختلفة للعبة الواحدة و توزيع طلاب الفريق على المستويات المختلفة حسب نتائج الاختبارات العملية و النظرية

         و القسم مسؤول عن مراقبة اللجان و المرور فى أوقات الاختبارات و التعامل مع الطلاب المخالفة فى لوائح اللجان



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