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School Principal messages: Life is a learning process and our duty is to make students enjoy the process.


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Student handbook

DLH International School

 Parent Handbook




Welcome to DLH School 

 Dear parents and students, 

 Thank you for taking the time to read this handbook. Our school’s goal is that your family’s time at DLH memorable experience. We want your family to feel that your time here has been something special, because of lasting memories of encouragement in your child’s spiritual, intellectual, emotional, social and physical growth are being built. 

 We know that you are interested in your child’s education, so we offer the following suggestions for you to get involved in your child’s education: Take the time to personally introduce yourself to your child’s teachers. Hold high expectations for your child’s achievement. 

 Be an «encourager». Tell your child that he or she can succeed. Be Positive! Give your child unconditional love. A child needs to know that he or she is loved when they try new and sometimes difficult activities. This encourages them to take the risk of making mistakes. People often learn more from mistakes than from successes.

 Make appointments to read to and with your child regularly. 

 Talk with and listen to your child concerning what is being learned at school. Talk with your child’s teachers when you have questions or concerns. Review what your child brings home from school. Praise your child for workwell done. Discuss ways in which your child would like you to help bring about improvement.

 Attend school functions with your child. By doing this, you show your child that you support him or her, and his or her education is important to you. You and the school are a team. We cannot be successful without your help!





  The mission of DLH International School is to provide students with a quality Islamic education that allows for the academic, social, moral, physical, spiritual and intellectual growth and development of the child within a modern, scientific, academic program of studies which promotes creative talents and critical thinking skills.

 First approved by the Steering Committee,

 2008 Reviewed and revised 2009


 Building Character …

 Our Principle Mission… and Lifelong Endeavour 


 The human being 

 The most honored creation.. 

 The viceroy of Allah, Almighty, on earth. 

 Allah honored him with servitude (worship)..and ordered him to carry the responsibility of dwelling in this earth and of leading an integral life.


 And to shape up a human, who deserves this honor, and able to carry this responsibility, is the first step towards virtue, in the progress of humanity, and the destiny of mankind.


Our Message

  Our message is to create a unique Islamic system so as to build human beings 

 to build the skills and capabilities..... 

 to build knowledge and expertise.....

 to build mobility... to build courtesy.... 

 to build principles and devotions......

 In an accomplished faithful educational environment, we can create the highest academic, psychological and modern theological degrees.

  Our Vision

 Character Building is an interdependent system... Its axes are..... 

  Advanced education..good upbringing..                ...and Meaningful Sport 

 Its qualities are 

 Modern thought...            Firm planning.. ...and an integrated environment. 

 Its elements are... 

 a model teacher..                Serious management..and cooperative parents.


To create an accomplished process useful for character building this process is characterized by the following


Educational and personal characteristics:

 True belief ... steadfast action ... good manners 

 Accomplished skills ... developed expertise ... wide knowledge.

 A balanced health ... Body fitness ... Power of endurance.


 Academic and scientific characteristics:

 Encyclopedic knowledge ... Diverse cultures ... accurate specialties. Precise review research ... Deep thinking and analysis ... mastery in developing and creativity. 

 Ability to decide ... zeal accomplishment ... continuity of performance. 


 Intellectual and Personal characteristics

 Moderate thinking ... mature personality ... wide horizon.

 ... excellent group

 Good communication ... Courteous dialogue skills work.

 Full consciousness of surrounding environment ... Understanding of others

 Positive reaction and influence.... 

DLH International School

School-wide Academic, Social and Civic Learning Goals and Indicators Social:

 To inspire students to preserve the core Islamic ethics and values in all matters of life by building the child’s character and solid Muslim identity.

 Faith-based character, values and morals.

 Understanding the teachings and the practices of Islam aligned with the  Qur’an and the Sunnah.

  •  Good manners toward others
  •  Displaying modesty in dress and behavior
  •  Maintaining personal hygiene and healthy eating practices
  •  Performing duties of prayer, fasting, pilgrimage and charity
  •  Expressing a love of the Arabic language as their mother tongue


 To provide quality education to all children in an active child centered learning environment

  •  Developing good study habits
  •  Use creative and critical thinking skills to solve problems
  •  Have mastered basic grade level learning skills
  •  Work independently toward achieving academic, career and life goals
  •  Work successfully in teams to accomplish tasks
  •  Participating in age appropriate sports activities
  •  Seeing value in fine arts
  •  Being able researchers
  • Being skilled in their use of technology
  •  Being fluent in the English language
  •  Clearly express written and oral idea
  • To enable students to effectively communicate, interact and thrive in a global environment
  •  Mastering communication skills
  •  Develop the skills of active listener 


Admission Police 

DLH accepts Egyptian and foreign students.

The limit of each class in DLH should not exceed 24 students Policy also states that, for entrance into kindergarten, children must be three and half years old by October 1 of the year they wish to enter kindergarten.  

  • For entrance into grade one, children must be five and half years old by October 1 of the year they wish to enter first grade, and have been promoted from a kindergarten recognized by DLH. The administration may waive the kindergarten promotion requirement providing that the child is ready for the first grade, as determined by standardized testing.
  • Upon initial entrance into the elementary school, parents are requested to present proof of age. It may be in the form of: a birth certificate, a passport, or some other appropriate official government document.
  •  Administrators may deny enrollment if it is determined by standardized test-ing that sufficient maturity is lacking for the students who meet the age criterion.
  • The school cannot accept students unless they pass 60% of the admission test skills in English, Math, Arabic, and Qur’an. 

a)                Seven personal photos. 

b)                A copy of the parent identity.

c)                Transferring papers.

d)                Immunization certificat.

e)                Birth certificate.

f)                   A student’s previous academic progress.

g)                  2 copies of original birth certificate.

Registration Procedure: 

Acceptance of new students is processed through the Campus Administrative Assistant and Admissions Officer. Please contact them for information and forms. Acceptance for continuing students is official, and registration complete, only after the Re-registration Form has been completed, signed, and returned and the Registration Fee has been paid. 

Grade Placement

Students are ordinarily placed into the appropriate grade indicated by their school records. When a student’s previous academic progress is questionable, or a student is transferring from another system of education and placement level may be unclear, the following criteria are considered in deciding grade placement:

.             School records 

.             Chronological 

.             Standardized placement and/or achievement test scores 

Students should be placed within one grade of expected grade level, as deter-mined by chronological age. With the Superintendent’s permission, students may be placed more than one grade below expected grade level. In cases of high achievement, students normally will not be placed a grade level ahead of their expected grade. 

Admission test policy

Dear respected parents 

Admission tests for all grades will be according to the school requirements and policies.

  • Admission test should evaluate student’s skills and his ability to cope with DLH programs and not to test him in our subjects’ information. 
  • Evaluate his Language skills in critical reading, understanding articles with suitable vocabulary even if he can’t get the exact meaning of the vocabulary and getting the main idea. 
  • His personal skills and mental skills and his ability to do effort in studying.
  • His ability to learn the subject even if didn’t take it before(memorizing (Qur’an) 
  • The exam shouldn’t exceed 20 min in each subject
  • A detailed report will be written after the exam explaining student’s skills and his deficiency. 

• We are honest with the parents and with ourselves in giving our advice according to his level. 

Student Attendance Policy 

Student Attendance. 

  • DLH is applying this policy for the safety of students. So parents should not drop the student to school before 7:15 am. 
  • Students are required to be in school by 7:30 to 7:45, after that a better excuse, or a parent must call the school in order for the student to be allowed to enter the school
  • School dismissal :

KGs with parents : 2:0

Elementary , Middle and High School 2:40    Buses will leave at 2:20

  • In case of tardiness for the morning line, the student will perform the line-up exercises during the break period and will not be allowed to attend the line-up on this morning.
  • In case of tardiness for the first session until 8:00 am, the student will complete what he missed in the first during the break period and will not be per-mitted to attend the first session.
  • First: parents will be informed. This may occur twice and not more than that.
  • Second: if tardiness past 8:00 occurs more than two excuses will not be accepted and the school will be forced to refuse the student and the parents will be called to meet with the department head to discuss to issue. 
  • Parents have to pick up their children before 3:30, after that , the school will not be responsible for the student safety, and the parent will sign an agreement that  after the mentioned time ,the student will be under the responsibility of the parent.
  • DLH Regulation defines excused absences as those due to temporary illness or injury, and any other reason deemed acceptable by the administration. The administration has the authority to determine whether an absence is excused or unexcused.

Excused absences include:

  • Temporary illness or injury. 
  • An absence which is approved by the administrator of the school.
  • Extended absences due to physical, mental, or emotional disabilities. Documentation from the care provider is required.
  • Emergency, serious illness or death in the family. 
  • Medical and dental appointments which cannot be scheduled outside the regular school day. Documentation from care provider is required.
  • Extremely inclement weather. 
  • Participation in religious observances. 
  • An absence resulting from participation in a work/study program, field trip or athletic competition under the supervision of the school. 

 Absence for Excused Reasons: 

  • Parents are asked to call the school office to report that their child is sick. A student who has a fever is to remain at home until the temperature has returned to normal for 24 hours.
  • Students are expected to attend classes when school is in session. Requests to be absent are to be made to the school headmaster in writing or by telephone early before the absence occurs. This procedure gives opportunity for the school to reflect to the parents the possible effects of the absence and/or together make some alternative study arrangements. Knowing class work and assignments ahead often enables the student to turn in made-up work when he/ she return. Homework not turned in by the due date will normally receive a reduced or zero-percent (0%) grade. Students whose work is marginal should be aware of the possible consequences of missing school—such as poor or non-passing grades. In most cases simply completing homework missed may not result in as high a grade since vital classroom participation is missed. 

If a student’s unexcused absences exceed (5) days in a semester, a recommendation for termination of enrollment may be made by the Principal SAT Attendance Policy:

Starting from grade 9 going to grade 12, the academic year will be divided into 3 semesters. Each semester will account for one third of the final credit per course. Students must attend at least 85% of the course. If the student exceeds the 15% allowed absences, the course will drop.


School Expectations:

  • Students should arrive at school not after 7:30 a.m.
  • Students are expected to respect the position and authority of teachers and ad-ministrations.
  • Students are expected to conduct themselves in a responsible manner. This includes NOT lying, cheating, or stealing, and NOT threatening or taking unfair advantage of others.
  • Students are expected to come to class prepared.
  • Students are expected to respect the rights and property of others.
  • Students are to refrain from any written or oral language, gestures, or drawings that violate the moral standards of the school (vulgarity, immorality swearing, etc.).
  • Students are to resolve their frustrations and their disagreements with one another by means other than fighting or physical violence.
  • Students are to walk, not run, on the courtyards, walkways and indoors.
  • Students are to be properly dressed according to the dress uniform.
  • Students are to refrain from deliberately marking or defacing any school property.
  • Students are not expected to bring Cell phones to school.
  • Students are expected to treat all teachers with respect.
  • Students needing to leave the school grounds during school hours must obtain permission from the office and sign out prior to leaving. Students are not per-mitted to leave school without parental permission received in writing or by phone, or with the principal’s permission. Student(s) leaving the campus must be dismissed from campus by the office.

Classroom Policy:

  • Be in your seat and ready to work when the bell rings.
  • Eating and drinking are not allowed in classrooms.
  • Moving and speaking are not allowed unless you have the permission.
  • Raise your hand when you want to talk.
  • Disorder is not acceptable, put rubbish in garbage cans.
  • Silence when class is in session, talk quietly at other time.etc.
  • No food in the library, computer lab, science lab, gymnastic room.
  • Keep your hands and feet to yourself.
  • Respect and follow the instructions of teacher and others in authority.
  • Bring necessary materials to class (books. paper. pencils, calculator).
  • Do class work, assignments, project, etc.
  • Pay attention or participate appropriately.

Playground Policy

  • Students are to remain within the playground boundaries.
  • Students may use the play areas and equipment only when supervised.
  • Students are to take turns and share the equipment.
  • Students are not to jump off the wall, the climbing equipment, or the swings.
  • Students are not to throw stones, rocks, dirt, sticks or other objects.
  • When the bell rings or the whistle is blown, students are to line up immediately.
  • Students needing to use the bathroom are to use the one near the covered play area.
  • When someone is injured, report the injury immediately to the playground supervisor.

WhatsApp Group Policy 2017

  • All topics posted on the group should be related directly to the school subjects or activities.
  • Not allowed to post articles or opinions in external topics away from school subjects.
  • For personal matter or concern regarding your son/daughter, please notice that you can contact the school administration

 Cell phone policy:2018

  • Students are not allowed with mobiles at school.
  • If students must bring their mobiles, it should be handed to the administration in the morning.
  • If student is caught with his mobile, it will be taken and their parents must come to receive it 

        Detention room policy:2018

  • Students deprived from break, due to any reason, should be reported on the follow up form.
  • Subject teacher must make sure that the reported students are present in the detention room.
  • Students are to stay for the whole break, not a part of it.
  • Students are to be pre-occupied the whole break with assignments.

Channel books policy:2018

  • The name of the lesson and the homework given must be written.
    • In the channel book.(announcement on the whatsapp for quizzes to be signed).
    • Positive messages shall also be written.
    • Home room teachers will be responsible to take the names of the students who forgot their channel books announcement it on whatsapp.
    • HR teachers and Admin are responsible to sign the channel books at the end of the day and receive any complaints.

Student Dress Code Policy

All students in DLH School are expected to follow dress uniform determined by school . In case of dress code violation:

  • Student will not be allowed to enter school without uniform, even during school events, school trips, or exams.
  • Parent will be asked to come to school to pick up students.
  • And it is not permitted  to use the following:

Makeup - perfume - Slippers - jeans - jewelry - high-heeled shoes

And the consequent violation of dress code is not to enter the class and the student is considered absent this day so he will be deprived of degrees of attendance.(2016)

 Hygienic Rules

These rules have been created to keep the safety of our students:

1-    Personal hygiene:

¹ Bath shower every day particularly in the hot weather.

¹ Change the school uniform and socks every day.

¹ The girls’ hair should be tied well, and boys’ hair should be cut.

¹ Nails should be clean and periodically cut.

¹ Please make sure that these materials should be with your child and check his/her bag every day(hair brush- tissue – wipes- personal glass or bottle –hand gel).

In case of rules violation:

Warning letter will be sent to parents.

Then student will not be allowed to enter the school, and the parent will be asked to take the student back home.

In case of student illness:

Student should take rest at home till the fever or any infectious symptoms be cured.

Then, parent should send maintaining medicine and to be delivered to school doctor.

In case of epidemic diseases:

Any student with high  fever will be isolated or have serious symptoms will be isolated in school clinic and will take some day off from school to protect the rest of students.


The lunch box should contains healthy food, ( vegetables – fruits – milk products – carbohydrates ).

Unhealthy food are not allowed such as, soda- gum – endomy – chips -  beverage – any preservatives food).

Parents/Guardians Guidelines

To ensure a productive and safe learning environment at DLH school, all parents/guardians have the ultimate responsibility to follow the parent rules for their children’s benefits and interests.

  • Parents should respect all teachers and employees and cooperate with all school staff to ensure student compliance with school rules and regulations
  • Parents/guardians should pick up student and sign-out within 30 minutes after class is over, the school does not take any responsibilities for the problem that causes after school is over. School is responsible to take care after students inside campus area or in school buses, parents are completely responsible for their children attitude outside school campus area. 
  • Parents/guardians should remind their child(ren) not to use, move, or modify any classroom items. Parents/guardians are liable to any and all property damages caused by their children.
  • Parents/guardians who are visiting or invited by to school, are kindly asked to be present  in the reception office unless guided to other areas by the school administration or secretary .
  • Implement the school's decisions if the administration asked the parent to attend to meet the administration.
  • Parents/guardians should cooperate with teachers to address any concerns regarding their child(ren)'s behavior in the School.
  •  Parents/guardians should remind their child(ren) to follow all the Student Rules of the School.
  • Parents/guardians should encourage, help, and monitor their child(ren) to complete homework, test preparation, and other related activities. In case of confusion, parents/guardians should proactively contact a teacher to clarify issues.
  • Parents are asked to attend the regular PTA meetings to discuss the performance and progress of the student.
  • Parents should check that the child carries books/note books according to time table.

Parents are asked to check that their children are doing their homework by themselves unless they require some guidance

  • For the best result parents are asked to motivate and support their child establish a proper study area. Home work should be given a priority in the daily schedule.
  • In case home work has not been completed by the due date then it should be communicated clearly to the class teacher with reason that why the work was not done.
  • In cases that the parent needs to meet the teacher, he may be allowed to hold a meeting with prior appointment from the administrator/ academic in charge.
  • Parents should ensure that their child/ren do not bring any objectionable books, magazine, picture or any other material that may violate the disciplinary norms of the school, otherwise parent will be kindly asked to come for an appointment to receive these in school campus.
  • Parents are requested to send their child/ren in neat and clean school uniform. Students will not be permitted to enter class without the dress uniform, failing of which the child will be marked absent .
  • Parents should inform the school if there is any change in address/ Tel. numbers.
  • Please do not give mobile phone to your child. If student is found carrying a mobile phone, it will be confiscated. For necessity they must hand it to the responsible administrator in the morning and receive it by the end of the school day
  • Criticism of a teacher of the school in presence of a child should be avoided as it causes students to lose respect for their teacher with the consequent failure to learn from her, thus retarding the child’s progress


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